Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Morgan Mill School is off to a great start with 128 students, three new teachers, and a new pre-k class. 

Just like last year, the fourth grade is the largest with twenty students and the new pre-k class has 11 students.

Two of the new teachers were Tarleton student teachers last year and one is an ex-Morgan Mill student.  Keeton Coleman student taught the third grade last year and is now their teacher.  She likes MM because it is small and everyone is treated like family. 

Ashton Payne student taught sixth and second grades last year and is now teaching 6th grade Social Studies and computers.  She is from a small town and feels close to the Morgan Mill kids and staff.  Taylor Stricklin has been teaching for four years Special Education.  A friend told her about the opening in Morgan Mill School and she is excited to be teaching in her old school.  Her classroom in next to what she remembers as the old cafeteria. 

Sometimes I choose a new student to Morgan Mill School to interview just to see how we measure up.  This year it was Ireland Bailey, a seventh grader.  She has been attending Flour Bluff School and she knows the history of how the school got its unique name. Ask her some time.

Last year she had 38 in her class, now she has 10.  One thing that she likes about MM is the “Morgan Mill independence and freedom” that she is experiencing here.  She is looking forward to being in the MM drill team. 

Ireland is all smiles when she talks about her “now” school.  She has already made a place by volunteering to make pancakes at the Community Breakfast.  Ireland’s mother is Angie Rasberry Bailey.

I asked Cecil Rasberry if he knew of any other Rasberrys attending MM.  He said that he thought his two (Angie and Chad) were the last two. But he quickly added that there was a time when half the school was Rasberrys. 

According to Gene Williams’ book, Hurrah for Morgan Mill, the first Rasberry came to this area around 1917. The book listed four pages of  Rasberrys.  Ireland has a brother name Eion.  He is in the sixth grade.  We want to wish the best to both of these kids. Ireland said that it was like “coming back.”

It is time for Arts and Crafts in Morgan Mill, Saturday, Sept. 9, from 9 until 4.  Let’s start the day with Waffle Breakfast at the Community Center at 7.  This is always an exciting day to see friends coming in from all around to experience Morgan Mill.  Be sure to buy your raffle ticket for one dollar to win the fantastic quilt donated by Debbie Lincoln.  All of your favorite vendors will be at the Fair with all of their homemade crafts.  The 4-H kids will, once again, be selling food for the lunch time meal.  This is an important day in Morgan Mill for the kids.  There will be scholarships financed, 4-H projects funded, and lots of Christmas presents bought for the future.  See you at the Tabernacle. 

An important date in September is the 26th. Morgan Mill ISD will be having a Chapter 41 election.  I was not familiar with this part of the “ Robin Hood” plan but I am now.