Hallie McFarlin is a first-year kindergarten teacher at Central Elementary and answered some questions about herself as part of the E-T's teacher series.

Where did you grow up and attend school?

I grew up in Hico, Texas and attended school there K-12.

What are you most excited about starting a new position at Stephenville ISD?

Being a part of an amazing district and being able to teach at my favorite grade level. I completed my clinical teaching in the kindergarten classroom that is right next door to my current classroom. Having this position is a dream come true.

What is your mission as an educator?

I want my students to become life long learners and to realize their true potential. I want to be an advocate for my students and help them reach their dreams.

What are some of your hobbies?

I love to graphic design, travel and craft.

What is one of your favorite inspirational quotes?

"Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be." - Rita Pierson

What do you love about teaching?

I love the unique opportunity to leave a positive lasting impact on a student and to provide them with an education, which is the most important thing a person can have.

What is one of your most memorable moments in life?

The birth of my son is by far the most special and memorable moment of my life.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

The beach.

What do you expect of your students? Their parents?

I expect my students to do their very best at all times. I would like for their parents to support them as they achieve all of their goals.

What is your favorite candy?

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups