When you treat your family to a stay at Rough Creek Lodge & Resort, the personal touch makes the first-class full-blown hotel resort experience even more special than you may have imagined.

General Manager Paul Boccafogli said the number of employees working at the 11,000-acre facility between Glen Rose and Stephenville has grown from 72 when Rough Creek opened to 100.

“Our guests say we have incredibly friendly employees,” Boccafogli said. “They come out here and they are blown away by the country sophistication and service culture we’ve been able to create.”

The level of training for new employees helps make the difference.

“Our training is very important to Rough Creek, to provide a unique and memorable stay for the guests,” Boccafogli said. “It starts with a thorough orientation, hands-on with the general manager along with the department managers. The focus is on personalized service, to build a service culture.”

The culture also proves beneficial in the long term to the employees, many of whom are residents of Glen Rose.

“Our employees come looking for a job, and now they have found a career,” Boccafogli said. “We give them life skills, we teach them, we train them, and they rise to the top. It’s a career, not just a job.”

The amenities and variety of interests served at Rough Creek seem almost endless.

The list includes horseback riding and hunting, along with ziplining, a spa, swimming pools, bicycling (more than 30 bikes available), hiking, a long-range rifle range, paintball, archery, a golf driving range, fishing in Mallard Lake — one of four large lakes on the facility, which is at 5165 County Road.

There’s even a private country church available to book weddings and receptions.

The facility has also become a popular place for corporate business meetings in a relaxed, quiet setting.

There are 51 guest rooms and suites. Boccafogli said 32 new homes are being developed for sale, to be called The Residences at Rough Creek. They will range from 1,600 to 2,200 square feet. Prices will start at $625,000, and top out at $825,000.

“The first six will be built this year, then additional ones will come on line as time goes on,” Boccafogli said, noting that buyers of the residences will have full access to all of the facility’s features. “It’s a kind of place to enjoy country living with all the services and amenities of Rough Creek Lodge.” 

Chef Gerard Thompson provides a wide variety of cuisine at The Restaurant at Rough Creek Lodge.

“Our style of food is what you call slow food — artisan food,” Thompson said. “We don’t buy anything prepared.”

Thompson said menu highlights include his tortilla soup, a grilled wedge of romaine lettuce, a Texas quail dish, fried chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, desserts, and of course tasty, certified angus beef steaks.

“I take a lot of old dishes and retune them,” Thompson said.

Rough Creek’s hunting options include pheasant, quail, chukar, whitetail deer, feral hogs, turkey and duck, and even a special area with exotics such as Corsican ram.

“We have a dozen guides,” Boccafogli said. “It’s a great first-run experience. It’s all about safety. The guides are trained for those who have never hunted before.”

A special treat for the kids and parents in search of a little quiet time alone during their stay is Rough Creek’s Kids Camp. Activities there include foosball, table tennis, basketball shooting, video games, board games, tetherball, plus a tennis court.

For information on pricing or other details, visit the website online (www.roughcreek.com) or call 254-965-3700. To make reservations call 800-864-4705.