Today, after deliberating for under an hour, a jury of six women and six men sentenced a man to 18 years in the penitentiary for Driving While Intoxicated. 

Daniel Scott Bradford pleaded not guilty to felony D.W.I., and a two-part trial was held in the 266th District Court to determine his guilt and punishment. After the verdict was rendered, Judge Jason Cashon immediately imposed the sentence. 

Bradford, 37, had been previously convicted twice for D.W.I. in 2005 and 2008. He also had been convicted of Felony D.W.I. – 3rd or more in 2008. Because of his previous convictions, Bradford was facing two to twenty years in prison for the felony D.W.I. Testimony in trial from Trooper Terry Jones revealed that shortly before midnight on May 5, 2016, Bradford was pulled over for speeding on north Highway 377. After failing to stop for approximately four miles, Bradford stopped his Chevrolet pickup, but refused for several minutes to exit the vehicle. After finally exiting his vehicle, Bradford showed signs of intoxication. 

Dash camera video played in the courtroom showed Bradford being belligerent with Trooper Jones and Sheriff’s deputies at the scene and at the hospital where his blood was drawn for analysis. Bradford announced to the officers that “this is the reason you guys are getting your heads blown off,” and that he wished he had a gun in the truck so he could have shot officers in the head. 

A blood sample was taken from Bradford. The DPS Crime Laboratory in Abilene found the sample contained a blood alcohol concentration of 0.22, just under three times the 0.08 level which defines intoxication. 

In closing argument, Assistant District Attorney Jett Smith asked the jury to assess a maximum punishment because imprisonment is the only way to ensure the defendant cannot operate a vehicle on public roadways while intoxicated. 

“This defendant’s behavior presents a danger to the citizens of our community, and to our peace officers,” Smith said. “The only way you can ensure that Daniel Scott Bradford stays off our roadways is to keep him in prison.”