The month of June has been wet in Stephenville.

In fact, local weather watcher Dean Jones recorded more than twice the amount of rainfall this month compared to June 2016 with a total of 5.65 inches.

The month comes in second to April (5.95 inches) in the most rainfall for the year so far.

However, compared to last year, this Texas spring was pretty dry.

The total amount of rain in Stephenville so far this year is 21.65 inches around half the amount that was received in all of 2016.

Here’s a breakdown of the amount of rain in Stephenville monthly:

January - 2.85 inches February - 2 inches March - 1.15 inches April - 5.95 inches May - 4.05 inches June - 5.65 inches And here’s a breakdown of the same months in 2016:

January - 0.20 inches February - 1.80 inches March - 3.40 inches April - 8.80 inches May - 12.70 inches June - 2.95 inches As you can see this year’s rainfall in the April and May was way below the totals of last year and as many know, last spring looked a lot different than this spring with major flooding that shut down many areas and roads in the county.

The National Centers for Environmental Information showed that Texas was either below average or much below average for the month of May compared to 123 years of data.

“The rain-producing systems mostly missed parts of the Plains and much of the West, with drought and abnormal dryness expanding or intensifying in parts of the northern and southern Plains and Southwest,” the website states. “Conditions were quite dry across north, central and western Texas. There were areas in northern Texas and a few counties in central Texas that entered moderate drought.”

However, with the rainfall received this month it has put Erath County on the lower drought scale of the Keetch-Byram Drought Index, 200-300, which is the second from the lowest category.

“Fuels are beginning to dry and contribute to wildfire intensity,” the KBDI information states about Erath’s category. “Heavier fuels will still not readily ignite and burn. This is often seen in late spring.”