Cody Davis, Stephenville native and Los Angeles Rams safety, kicked off his new Pride of Stephenville art fundraiser Thursday at Bruner Auto Family’s GM location.

“I was wanting to look at new, exciting ways to fundraise and give back to the community,” Davis told the E-T. “I knew SHS art had been a spot that hadn’t received too much attention and I had seen some really cool paintings of other NFL players, so all of those things combined kind of sparked the idea.”

Davis then reached out to Greg Bruner with the idea.

“I was like, ‘Man it’s a great idea,’ and there are some prizes for the students,” Bruner said.

All SHS art students were given the opportunity to participate and the top 20 art pieces were selected and put on display at Bruner GM.

“The top 20 pieces will get their art portfolio for college paid for to be sent to college and that earns them college credit,” Davis said. “From there we pick a top three and best in show. The top three get gift baskets and the best in show gets a cash prize.”

Davis said he wasn’t exactly sure when the top three and best in show will be selected, but it will be before June 30, which is the end of the silent auction for the top 20 pieces.

The community can make a trip over the Bruner GM and place a bid on what they would like to own.

“The art will be here on display for auction until the 30th,” Davis said.

Funds that are left over or if a student doesn’t choose to send their portfolio off will go back to the SHS art program. Bruner said the total is around $3,000.

The funds raised from the silent auction will go to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“FCA has been a growing part of my life and one of the main organizations I like to give back to and get involved in,” Davis said at the event. “I thought it would be a great way to tie in sports and faith and a great benefit.”

The pieces were quite impressive and the students who were selected with the top 20 art works are Hagen Carter, Julyssa Morales, Ashlyn Thomas, Kaitlin Garcia, Haylea Keith, Gisselle Ontiversos, Reagan Henry, Christie Basson, Edgar Juarez, Maria Deluna, Julian Marroquin, Ivy Swift, Johnathan Grantham, Katie Campbell, Andrik Hernandez, Caesar Montano, Shalana Sherwood and Taylor Garber.

“It’s a really good reflection on students’ artistic journey because some are in Art 1 and some are Art 4 students and none of them are labeled,” said SHS art teacher Emily McLemore. “So there’s a variety of skills and age levels in this. Because it was open to all of the high school art kids, we wanted a better reflection of their experience.”