Cody Davis and Greg Bruner are proud to announce the Cody Davis Pride of Stephenville Art Event beginning at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, June 22, at the Bruner Auto Family GM store located at 1515 S. Loop 377. 

“Stephenville High School has an incredible art program,” Davis said. “I thought they would be the perfect group to show us the best of Stephenville.” 

Davis challenged the Stephenville High School art students to paint images, symbols and scenes that best represented Stephenville. 

“The artists really stepped up to the challenge,” said Davis. “I can’t wait to show off the top 20 selections at the event.” 

The event will feature a live on-air interview with Davis from KSTV. The top 20 selections will be available as part of a silent auction, with proceeds benefiting the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

“Working with Cody and all the great students at Stephenville High School on this event has been a lot of fun,” said Bruner. “We can’t wait for the public to see the Pride of Stephenville.” 

The silent auction will run through June 30 and the art will be displayed at both the Bruner GM store and the Bruner Dodge store at 750 East Road in Stephenville.