A Stephenville man is trying desperately to locate the owners of a dog he believes has been shot. 

“It looks to me like he has been shot,” B. Phelps said Monday morning. “My son found him on (highway) 281 near Morgan Mill and he has a pretty good hole in him.”

Phelps said he bandaged the dog up the best he could then began calling local veterinarians for help.

At first, no one would take him because they wanted payment up front, then he got a call from Cornerstone Animal Hospital. 

“They have agreed to take a look at him so I am taking him there now,” Phelps said. “I’m not sure what else to do, that’s why I am calling (the newspaper.)”

Phelps said the dog looks like he belongs to someone. 

“He looks like a poodle of some kind and is real nice,” he said. “He is someone’s baby. He has been pampered and taken care of.”