It’s good to be a woman charged with judging the Handsome Hunks of Erath County competition.

The fifth annual event will take place at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 18, at City Hall at City Limits where a new hunk will be crowned in Erath County.

The 12 men looking to dethrone last year’s reigning hunk, Joseph Borges, include VW Stephens, Sheriff Matt Coates, Brandon Huckabee, Byron Anderson, Cody Johnson, Jacob Fain, Jon Koonsman, Michael Brown, Michael Prather, Monty Stone, Phil Greer and Ryan Young.

And for the six lucky women chosen to judge this year’s competition, that’s good news.

The judges have already enjoyed a little wooing from the hunky hopefuls.

Phil Greer, owner of Greer’s Ranch Cafe, hosted a four-course dinner for the judges at his restaurant that included steak, wine and roses.

And not to be outdone, Jacob Fain with Cross Timbers Orthopaedics, gave the judges an evening at the cryo spa.

“Our evening with Jacob Fain was amazing,” said judge Jana Jackson. “Experiencing cryo for the first time was so much fun. Lots of laughter, wine, roses, snacks and even petit fours from the Bluebonnet Bakery in Fort Worth. If I would have known how much fun this would be I would have volunteered to be a judge sooner.”

Jackson is judging along with Sandra Pack, Angie Nimmo, Carie Decker, Jennifer Muncey and Keri Vanden Berge, who is married to the winner of the county’s first official hunk, Dr. Kevin Vanden Berge.

The judges will consider a number of factors like sparking personality, physique and wardrobe choices when determining which man is the hunkiest of them all.

“As a judge, I will be looking for creativity and originality, plus I want to be entertained,” said Nimmo. “I will be looking for the hunk who’s not afraid to show us what they got talent wise. Attributes that I consider hunky include fun-loving, adventurous and charitable.”

Sheriff Matt Coates admits he is stepping out of his comfort zone by participating in the hunky competition, but couldn’t say no to such a worthy cause.

“This event benefits Meals on Wheels and that’s why I am doing it,” Coates said. “It’s a great organization and I am honored to be a part of it.”

Instead of bribing the judges, hunks like Jon Koonsman plan to get the judges’ attention using other tactics.

“I’ve studied my competition and it’s clear that I’m the only qualified candidate,” Koonsman said. “Therefore, my strategy will be shameless self promotion. Humble is for commoners.

“I will henceforth refer to myself only in the third person. Chicks dig that. And Jon Koonsman is going to show the fine ladies of Erath County what a handsome hunk Jon Koonsman really is. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll just grovel.”