He is coming home.

The sweet, four-year-old fan of all things superhero who captured our hearts after he was diagnosed with cancer last year, is finally coming home. 

And it’s happening today.  

“Luke is feeling great and will be released from Cook Children's hospital this Friday,” Luke’s mom Mia said Wednesday. “He will officially be done with treatment and with hospital stays. He has a pill he will take at home until the end of July then will have his entire body rescanned to make sure his cancer is still gone.”

It has been a long 14 months of treatment for Luke and his family which also includes dad Clint, sisters, Lilly and Lyla, and baby brother Lincoln. 

But the family is rejoicing. 

“Our little guy is going to get to be a normal little boy again,” Mia said. “He will have the central line taken out of his chest, he had his feeding tube removed Tuesday and he will continue to be scanned every three months for the next five years to make sure his cancer doesn't return, then scanned once a year for the rest of his life.”

Luke’s recovery is remarkable given the fact that just a year ago the family was told to make funeral arrangements. Doctors told Clint and Mia that the chance of their little boy surviving for a year was almost nonexistent. 

Mia said the one thing Luke is looking forward to is getting wet. 

“Because of his tubes, he has had to have sponge baths for the past six months,” she said. “So once it’s removed and healed up he is looking forward to taking a bath and going swimming.”

The family will also head to Walt Disney World in September thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

“He can’t wait to see Mickey’s house,” Mia said. 

But for now the family is savoring the idea of being together under one roof. 

“Our family has gone through so many ups and downs this last year,” Mia said. “We have spent the majority of it separated, but through it all God had his hands on our family. The day Luke was diagnosed Clint and I cried together and prayed that God would walk this path with us and guide us through to the other side. 

“Well here we are on the other side and looking back it’s so plain now to see even on the worst days in Luke's cancer journey Christ was with us and not only holding our hands but holding us up and guiding us along this journey.

“This community has a heart of gold and the love and care that we have been shown will stay with us and with Luke for the rest of his life.”