The following release was sent out by the Erath County Sheriff’s Office.

“On 06/09/2017 Erath County Inmate Joshua Allen Daniel escaped from the Erath County Jail while in the recreation yard. How Daniel managed to escape is currently under investigation. 

It is believed that Daniel has assistance from his girlfriend Tiffany Cehand. 

At approximately 4:30 p.m. information was put out of the potential escape. A perimeter was set up around the building and all available units were dispatched to the Jail. Additional units from Stephenville PD were also dispatched to assist with the search. 

While holding perimeter and coordinating the arrival of police units, The Special Crimes Unit, consisting of deputies from Erath County and Stephenville PD were activated and immediately began working leads on the two potential suspects. 

While working all leads information was developed that Cehand and Daniel were together and in a light colored Dodge Charger. 

Deputies and Officers were able to speak with Cehand who had called Stephenville PD dispatch and advised that she was somewhere near Fort Worth and that she had Daniel had separated from each other. 

Fort Worth Police and Tarrant County Sheriff’s Deputies located Cehand and her vehicle and detained her while still looking for Cehand. Cell phone information assisted in the search for Cehand and a perimeter was set up in a neighborhood near the 11000 block of Camp Bowie. 

While Fort Worth PD and Tarrant County Deputies searched for Daniel residents from that area called in on a prowler. Units were able locate Daniel hiding in a dog house in a back yard. 

Daniel and Cehand will be booked into Tarrant County Jail awaiting arraignment on charges of Escape and Facilitation of Escape.”