Five Tarleton State University students that were apparent victims of alleged hazing incidents two weeks ago are now out of the hospital after recovering from alcohol poisoning.

On April 20 Stephenville police responded to a loud party complaint, which led to the discovery of two individuals in medical distress.

Four individuals were arrested by Stephenville police.

SPD later received information of a separate party that took place where three additional people were taken to the hospital by private vehicle.

The E-T reached out to two of the victims that were named on the police report, but the two females — ages 19 and 20 — declined to comment.

“Officers attempted to make contact with residents and observed [a] young female in distress, laying on hallway floor,” states the arrest affidavit released from the Justice of the Peace office. “Officers instructed tenants to open door to check status of female. Officers called EMS to take a look at female.”

When entering the residence, officers observed a “large number of young individuals were in various states of intoxications. Two individuals were taken to the hospital for alcohol related illness, both 18-years-old. One individual (20-years-old) was taken to the hospital and refused treatment,” according to the affidavit.

Tarleton’s Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Laura Boren responded to the student body about the incidents.

“At Tarleton State University, you’re our No. 1 priority. We’re committed to your academic success as well as your health and safety. We want to make sure you understand the physical, psychological, social and legal consequences that can result from alcohol abuse so we can prevent events like those that sent several of our student to the hospital last week,” Boren said. “As investigations continue, we’re looking at ways to positively influence better individual decision-making and address overall student well-being. Local responders and medical professionals took good care of our students last week. Their quick response maybe saved a life. We’re grateful, but we don’t want a repeat.”

An official statement was sent to the E-T from Tarleton’s Public Relations Manager Cecilia Jacobs.

“Tarleton State University, the Stephenville Police Department and Erath County District Attorney’s Office are coordinating to investigate off-campus incidents that took place Thursday night,” she wrote. “The primary concern of all entities is the health and safety of our citizens and students.”

In the past two years, there have been two other alleged incidents of hazing investigated by Tarleton.

One incident was in November 2016 and involved actives and associates of Lambda Chi Alpha while at Texas Tech University.

Some of a narrative from Tarleton explained associates having to do wall sits with unloaded guns in their laps after arriving at one of the member’s apartments late for a tailgate clean-up.

“My associate brother (redacted) and I showed up to his apartment a little late. We were then asked by (redacted) to do wall sits in his room with unloaded rifles in each of our laps,” the document states.

Tarleton’s Lambda Chi Alpha’s chapter has been placed on conduct probation until fall 2017.

The other alleged hazing incident involved Tarleton’s Plowboys also in November 2016.

According to an official statement released by Tarleton at the time, initiation proceedings resulted in “the medical treatment of one recruit and injuries to a second recruit and an active member.”

The Plowboys were placed on suspension until January 2018.