1. What do you believe is the biggest challenge facing Stephenville?

One word…JOBS.  Stephenville’s biggest need and challenge is the lack of good paying jobs. We train some of the brightest minds in the state every day at Tarleton and we send them off to other communities to grow and develop when most of them just want to stay here. 

With the help of economic development organizations such as SEDA and STEDCO as well as the Chamber of Commerce the City needs to be actively pursuing industrial organizations to move their operations here. 

We have a strong workforce as well as access to rail, close to the interstate and plenty of water which are all aspects of a city these companies are looking for. 

 2. Do you support an events center/multi-purpose facility? Why or why not?

I strongly support an events center and the citizens of Stephenville came out to our summit we held and they strongly supported it as well. 

I was chosen to be a member of the core group that was given the instructions to see if there is a need for such a facility.  I represented STEDCO, but alongside representatives from Tarleton, SISD, the county, the city, SEDA, and the Chamber we have been charged with the task to figure out what the center will “look like.”

We are in the very early stages of this project and at this point we have no clue what it might cost or where the funding will come from. 

We all agree on one thing and that is the city should not pay for the project. We are brainstorming on ideas on how to pay for this such as corporate sponsorships, funding from FEMA (if used as a disaster meeting area) and a sports authority tax on the hotels. 

We are a long way away from a lot of answers right now. 

 3. What are your thoughts on the East Side Sewer Project?

The East Side Sewer Project is one of the main reasons I decided to throw my hat in to the City Council race. This is not a want, but a need We are mandated by the state to address our sanitary sewer.  

I also believe that if we want to truly grow as a city we need to do this project.  This project will open up development opportunities to the east and north sides of town. 

At this time, we have a large area on the east side of town that is being marketed as a commercial development and I feel like without the East Side Sewer Project this development will not be able to take place. 

We have had a lot of growth in that area recently and with the widening of Hwy. 281 our town will continue to grow that direction. 

I also feel like the funding opportunities we have through the Texas Water Development Board at this point are ones we can’t pass up. It is my understanding that we have a chance for them to pay us back for 30% of the cost of the project if we qualify and we need to jump on this opportunity as soon as possible.

4. How long have you lived in Stephenville and what clubs/organizations are you a part of?

I am a fifth generation Erath County/Stephenville resident. I have lived here a majority of my life with the exception of the six years I lived in Las Vegas, NV. 

I moved to Las Vegas because like most people I wanted to start my career and there were limited options here in Stephenville. 

I never wanted to leave Stephenville but I really didn’t have a choice if I wanted to follow my career path. 

Once my first child, Piper was born in 2008 my wife Mailyn and I made the decision to come back to my home to raise our children. 

I am very proud to serve our community as a volunteer on several different boards, including VP of STEDCO, Treasurer of Erath County Builder’s Board, Chamber Ambassador, The Board of Adjustments for the City, The Core Group for the Multi-Purpose Center, the President of Erath County Habitat for Humanity 2011-2014, and most recently I was chosen to be a board member for The Texan Club.

 5. Why should voters choose you instead of your opponent?

I have never thought of myself as a politician however being a part of city government has always been a goal of mine.  My main reason for running for the council is to help my city grow and help the citizens of Stephenville prosper. 

I believe the connections I have through STEDCO and my position with Citizens National Bank of Texas can help me bring industry and retail to Stephenville. 

The bank has other locations in growing cities such as Burleson, Weatherford and Waxahachie and I get to see first-hand what their communities are doing to bring them there. 

The main reason I think I can be good for the city is that I want Stephenville to grow into a place that my children can grow, start careers and stay in the community that they have grown to love.