This Saturday, the 1st Annual EOD Warriors Foundation Benefit will be held at the Deer Lease Bar in Mingus.

For those without military backgrounds, EOD stands for “explosive ordinance disposal,” and this event is to raise funds for men and women of all branches of our military’s EOD units.

Specifically, the job of an EOD unit is to clear roads of those horrific roadside bombs — or any improvised explosive device — that we all know have been so devastating to our forces since the advent of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Being an EOD warrior is obviously one of the most dangerous assignments in the military — and the Oscar-winning Best Motion Picture of the Year in 2010, “The Hurt Locker” — shows in graphic detail what these courageous folks are up against in the field.

About the Foundation’s event this Saturday, combat veteran Delbert Timmerman who was an EOD serviceman says, “This will help those that have been wounded or disabled. We hope to help families with their expenses while their loved ones are recovering.”

He asks that this Saturday, people “Please come bring the family and give back to those that have given all for our great country.”

Here are the details of the 1st Annual EOD Warriors Foundation Benefit:

• Saturday — 10 a.m. on April 22 at the Deer Lease Bar, 111 S. Mingus


• BBQ lunch — $10 a plate from 12-3 p.m.

• Live band

• Live auction at 5 p.m.

• Events for kids

• Horseshoes

• Dance after the benefit

• Limited RV hook-ups

• Primitive-unlimited RV parking

• 100 percent of proceeds go to the EOD Foundation

For more information, contact Delbert Timmerman at 682-229-6036, Casey Ivey 940-329-8255 or Lori Mackey 817-304-7589.

You can visit the website at