At Tuesday’s meeting of the Stephenville ISD board of trustees, the iPad purchase for Stephenville High School was approved. 

The purchase will be for 1,250 new 2017 128GB iPad devices at a cost of $394 each; a total of $492,500.

The decision was between two different iPads, one that would have cost $499, and a MacBook Air laptop.

“This came down to what we wanted it to do in the classroom and what we needed to meet those needs, and then of course we also looked at the price,” said SISD Executive Director of Technology & Digital Learning Shelby Womack. “We had to look at the costs. The cost of repairing an MacBook Air is more than the cost of buying an iPad, whereas the cost for repairing an iPad isn’t cheap but not as much and there aren’t as many parts to them.”

iPad cases will be discussed later on while Apple works to create them for the new model.

Womack said the district also looked at the management side in order to provide the right tools for SHS teachers.

The district will also be making a separate purchase of 290 iMac 21.5-inch computers as a replenish for the high school.

“It’s not part of the iChampion 1:1 initiative. This is a computer refresh,” Womack said. “The computers at the high school are very old and the school is overdue for a refresh and so instead of going with Windows we’re going to go ahead with the Macs because there is some carry over with the iPads specifically.”

The total for the iMac purchase will be $305,950.

As of now the district is still considering which Learning Management System (LMS) to go with, itslearning or IBM’s Watson.

“We’re going to do a site visit to Coppell ISD to check out IBM Watson LMS,” said Superintendent Matt Underwood.