Ed Horton is a well-known businessman, rancher and active civic leader.

When he was contemplating career possibilities in the 1960s, he considered going to medical school, but fortunately for his patients at Tanglewood, he decided to become a pharmacist instead.

After earning his BA degree at UT Austin in 1970, he headed to the University of Houston and earned his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 1974.

“It has proven to be the right decision, one of the best I ever made,” Horton says. “I enjoy what I do very much — helping people over the years — and I wouldn’t take anything for this experience.”

Asked for a little more background on his long and distinguished career, Horton — a Hico High School graduate — says, “I have been an independent pharmacist’s practitioner since I received my pharmacist license.

“I acquired my first practice in Kemp on April 1, 1975. The way I practice was highly influenced by being fortunate to be one of three students in my pharmacy class at the University of Houston to be selected my last year of pharmacy school to be in a pilot rotation, which is now the norm in the pharmacy schools. My emphasis was on educating patients on the appropriate use of their medication.”

Horton says he sold the practice in Kemp in 1985 and opened Tanglewood Pharmacy and Medical Supplies in June 1986.

Effective communication with patients is at the core of how and what they do at Tanglewood Pharmacy.

“I talk to people about their medications. As a matter of fact, many patients told me they came to me because their friends told them I would discuss their medications with them,” he says.

Horton says his practice includes traditional walk-ins, nursing home assisted-living care, drug rehab facilities, outpatient handicapped facilities, hospice care, compounding and HRT therapy. He is also the pharmacy provider for Tarleton State University athletes.

“I have two other pharmacists that practice with me. I tried branching out with another pharmacy at one time, but found it more rewarding and profitable with my sole practice — and find the trust and relationships I have built with my patients over the years very rewarding,” Horton said.

It should also be noted that Horton:

• Was the National Community Pharmacists Association Willard B. Simmons Independent Pharmacist of the Year 2013-14

• Was the NCPA William B. Simmons Community Pharmacist of the Year 2013

• Past president of the board of Stephenville Chamber of Commerce

• Served on Stephenville City Council for three terms

• Founder Stephenville Evening Lions Club

• Chamber of Commerce Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year 2004

• Past President Stephenville Economic Development Foundation.

Ed has been married for 45 years to Carolyn Horton, owner of Coldwell Banker Preferred Properties. Their children are Melissa and Case — who is married to Emily. Ed and Carolyn have three grandchildren, Ella, Vivie and Oliver.

Horton is inviting folks to stop by on Wednesday, April 19, grab some fajitas and enjoy their celebration of Tanglewood’s more than 30 years of service in the city of Stephenville.

The free celebration will be held between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. at 2445 Suite A on the Northwest Loop.