Gas stations in Stephenville compete for the cheapest prices daily - and it looks like prices are dropping.

Murphy USA and HEB both have the best prices in town as of Wednesday, selling unleaded gas for $1.99 per gallon and diesel for $2.26 per gallon.

All three Allsup's locations are selling unleaded gas for $1.99 per gallon and diesel fuel for $2.35 per gallon.

Crystal Warren, a clerk at Murphy USA, explained their competitive pricing as “friendly competition.”

“Gas is priced by our home office on market value that they have set up and we just try to keep it at a decent price,” Crystal said.

Warren said Murphy USA can’t guarantee the cheapest gas, “but we do try.”

On Nov. 9, 2015, Stephenville made national headlines after a local "gas war." That day, the city sold the cheapest gas in the nation, with gasoline at $1.29 per gallon.

According to, the cheapest unleaded gas is being sold for $1.84 per gallon at a RaceWay in the southwest Houston area. The cheapest diesel fuel is being sold in North Fort Worth at Buc-ee’s for $1.89 per gallon.

The average price of gas in Texas is $2.11 per gallon, ranking the state 10th in the cheapest gas in the nation.

South Carolina is ranked No. 1 with an average of $2.01 per gallon.