Just after the Bluff Dale Post Office opened for business Thursday morning, Cheryl Rhoades pulled her GMC minivan into the parking lot. But instead of stopping, she crashed through the front wall of the building and into the mailboxes and sorting area behind it.

When the E-T arrived on scene, Rhoades — who lives in Bluff Dale — was being looked at by paramedics in an ambulance and unavailable for comment, but according to State Trooper Jerry Hale, she was not seriously injured.

“She said she doesn’t know what happened, but fortunately she wasn’t injured and no one in the building was hurt either,” Hale said.

DPS Sgt. Lynn Pierce said, “We were just lucky she hit where she hit and not just a little further to the left of where she went in where people were working. Fortunately, everybody is all right.”