Ranger College Dean of Students Manuel McGriff was thrilled with the work of the college’s Peer Educators group that presented a crash course on the dangers of drinking and driving, and its handling of the recent “Shattered Dreams” program.

Still, he wanted the freshman and sophomore students to take their message to a wider audience than the college’s campuses in Ranger, Stephenville, Brownwood, Olney and Comanche.

So the Peer Educators are doing just that.

After sharing their message with students at Ranger College, the group is hitting the road, traveling to communities throughout the region to share their U-DRIVER message with high school students.

The message these dedicated volunteers seek to share is that alcohol should not be a part of their upcoming Spring Break activities and travels.

The Peer Educators’ message is simple, said McGriff.

“It is this: If U-DRIVE, don't drink and if U-DRINK, don't drive,” he said.

By sharing this message prior to Spring Break, the Peer Educators’ goal is to sign a pledge saying they will not drink and drive or ride with a driver that has been drinking, and to help make the holiday safe for all teens and young adults.

For more information about the Roger College Peer Educators, or the U-DRINK program please contact McGriff at (254) 647-3234 or via email at mmcgriff@rangercollege.edu.