Three Glen Rose High School students earned first-place awards Saturday in the 36th annual Glen Rose University Interscholastic League Invitational.

The event started on Friday with the debate competition with about 60 students, then featured a total of about 600 entries on Saturday in the rest of the events. The competition was divided into small-school (Class A through 3A) and large-school divisions (Class 4A through 6A).

The three first-place winners from GRHS were Payte Treadaway in Headline Writing; Matthew Willis in Computer Applications; and Kaley Shaw in Spelling.

Glen Rose placed second in the large-school division team standings, behind only Class 5A Joshua. Class 3A Grandview won the small-school team title.

Glen Rose won first place as a team in Calculator Applications and in Spelling. Also, Glen Rose took second place in the team competition in Mathematics and also Accounting.

GRHS Top Six

Headline Writing — 1. Payte Treadaway; 2. Cassi Niedziela.

Mathematics — 5. Matthew Willis; 6. Grace Hill.

Mathematics (team) — 2. GRHS.

Accounting — 5. Jordan Nabors; 6. Ashley Hang.

Accounting (team) — 2. GRHS.

Calculator Applications — (11th-12th) — 2. Matthew Willis; 4. Andrea Mendoza.

(9th-10th) — 4. Bryan Ponds.

Calculator Applications (team) — 1. GRHS.

Number Sense — 6. Grace Hill.

Computer Applications — 1. Matthew Willis.

Spelling — 1. Kaley Shaw; 3. Payte Treadaway; 4. Hannah Andrews.

Spelling (team) — 1. GRHS.

Science — 2. Noah Phillips; 4. Orrin Miller; 5. Laura Ogletree.