This week’s featured pet is Dixie, a two-year-old female Lab who’s shy, but very smart and sweet.

Erath County Humane Society Executive Director Diane McCoy says, “She came in as a stray so we really don’t know too much about her. We’re not sure if she’s spayed or not; there’s no visible scar, so anyone who adopts her would need to have a vet figure that out. She’ll need her rabies shots, so they can find out if she’s spayed when they get that done. ”

ECHS employee Ricky Breneman says, “She knows her basic commands and she’s used to a leash. Dixie’s just a little shy, but she’s a real sweet dog.”

“For a stray, she came to us in very good health, so somebody’s been looking after her. We haven’t put her with other dogs yet, but I think she’ll be just fine with that. She has the temperament to be an inside dog too," McCoy says.

She adds, “We’re still full population-wise, so we really need some adoptions. We had 23 animals come in here on Monday and Tuesday, so we’re wall-to-wall and then some.”

For more information on Dixie or other pets up for adoption, call 965-3247.