A kayak trip on the Paluxy River turned out to be no fun for four Tarleton State University students when they became stranded on the river bed in northwest Somervell County.

Two male and two female students began their trip Friday on the Paluxy River near Baker’s Crossing in southern Hood County, according to Somervell County Sheriff Alan West. Their journey stalled, however, when they got to a shallow point in the river. They called 911 and got the Hood County Sheriff’s Office, which dispatched a deputy who was unable to locate them.

That deputy got in touch with Somervell County 911 dispatchers, and West joined three deputies and the landowner in the search, north of Lanham Mills Crossing, starting at about 11 p.m.

The students were found, safe but bitterly cold on the windy morning, about four hours later. They were decked out for a fun daytime excursion, wearing shorts and sandals.

Fortunately, they were not injured and did not require medical treatment, West noted.

“It was about 46 degrees when we started looking,” said West, noting “They were very relieved” when they were found.

West added, “They were just very cold.”

The students may have been in the back woods, but were able to find their location using modern technology, which eventually led to them being located.

“They sent us a screen shot of their Google Maps spot, and we worked off that,” West said.

West said that it was pitch black at the location where the students were stranded, and noted that made it a good decision for them to stay in place and call for help by phone to avoid getting lost with no landmarks away from the river.