After agreeing to a jailhouse interview with the E-T, Fred Gonzales, 42 — accused of running over Jai-Mee Williams, 33, with his truck and killing her Saturday, Feb. 11 — spoke out about the night it all happened claiming it was all an accident.

Gonzales said he and Williams had been in an on-again off-again relationship for about a year.

The two were at Gonzales’ father’s home in Dublin for a barbecue before leaving to head over to his brother’s house. Gonzales stated that he was sober, but that Williams had been drinking quite a bit before they left the home.

“We were going to my brothers house and she liked to listen to music and go down the back roads,” Gonzales said. “She kept nagging me because I kept getting text messages and she was saying it my girlfriend texting me.”

The two ended up down County Road 305 when things escalated.

“She started getting text messages and I was saying, ‘Is that your boyfriend?’” Gonzales said.

The two began arguing about the phone messages and Gonzales said Williams kept getting in and out of his truck.

“I took off and went to the end of the road, but I didn’t want to leave her so I went back and I drove past her,” Gonzales said. “I opened the door and got out and thought I put it in park. When I asked her to go with me I felt something hit me in the back and that’s when I saw that the truck rolled backwards.”

Gonzales became emotional while stating he witnessed the truck roll over Williams.

“She was having convulsions and kept repeating the same words over and over again. I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t find my phone so I picked her up real carefully and went back to my dad’s house, which was the closest place to go,” Gonzales said. 

When they arrived to the house Gonzales said they left Williams in the truck while his father’s girlfriend, Jai-Mee’s cousin, called 911.

Williams was transported to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Stephenville where she died from her injuries.

Gonzales was arrested by the Erath County Sheriff’s Office and charged with intoxicated manslaughter.

“I regret what happened that night and I’m sorry for all the hurt her family is going through right now. I wish it would have been me,” Gonzales said. “She was a great person.”

Gonzales said their families knew each other, but that he had not met Williams’ daughter yet.

“We were talking about getting our own place together. A three bedroom where her daughter could come stay,” Gonzales said. “She really cared about her daughter and that’s the first thing I thought about. I love her family. I’m just sorry they’re going through this.”

As far as being intoxicated, Gonzales said he had been drinking the night before but not at the family barbecue.

“It pisses me off because I love Jai-Mee and they’re saying I killed her intentionally,” Gonzales said. “I told them from the beginning what happened; the same thing I’m telling you. They’re saying I did it intentionally and that’s not the case.”

Erath County Sheriff’s Deputies have acquired a search warrant for the vehicle and will also get cell phone search warrants as they continue their investigation.