The Bosque River CRT (Children of the Republic of Texas) met Feb. 11 with a pizza party in Glen Rose.  Their “Fashions of Texas Pioneers” program was given by Mrs. Sheran Weible of Dublin.  She shared her talents and passion for clothing, as she has enjoyed sewing since she was very young.  She has researched and designed many historical fashions since the 1840s - the Republic of Texas era.  For the last seven years she has also directed multiple historical fashion shows with the goal of raising money for school scholarships.

Mrs. Weible wore a sample of an 1840s buttoned down Texas pioneer work dress and apron made of Lindsey Woolsey which she demonstrated women of that time could wear in public by adding a belt, collar, bonnet & gloves.  She also dressed our CRT Vice President, Miss Kaylee Flanary, in a silk gown and hat Mrs. Weible made that a wealthy woman might have worn.

The CRT membership learned that children, both male and female, were dressed in the same clothes until they were around four to six.  Also, in olden days, a field of flax and/or 2 sheep were raised which would be enough for the family to have wool and flax spun into clothing.  Also to make material of different colors--roots, berries & stems of plants were used as dyes.

An antique wooden yarn winder from the 1840s was shown.  Mrs. Weible explained after the fiber had been spun, it needed to be transferred to a skein for ease of handling.  Two yards per rotation would be counted by a mechanism in the box of the yarn winder called a “weasel” that would “pop”.  This is where the English nursery rhyme “Pop, Goes the Weasel” sung to the tune of the children’s jack-in-the-box toy comes from.