Although Stephenville High School senior Cassidy Balder has passion as the head captain of the Stingerettes and a member of varsity choir, the career she will pursue after graduation is photography.

Balder was recently accepted into the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington.

“Sophomore year is really when I decided I wanted to be a photographer and I started pursuing it more. Everything just feels right with a camera and I just feel like I should be doing it,” she said. “I think I want to find an internship with a newspaper or magazine, but my goal is to get in to high fashion just because I love the creativity most people have with that.”

But before graduation, Balder is focusing on competition season with the Stingerettes.

“I’m super excited and with the Stings I just love the atmosphere, how accepted you feel and I love dancing so much,” she said. “My goals for Stings is just to help my team do really well with the upcoming competitions and I want everyone to have fun and feel proud of themselves for what they’ve accomplished this year.”

Balder is also gearing up for the varsity choir UIL competition, another thing she’s excited about.

Moving to another state will be a change for Balder who has grown up in Stephenville. There are many things she said she will miss.

“I have spent all my years at SISD and I’m going to miss the school itself and the teachers who are really kind,” she said. “I’m going to miss Mrs. (Kimberly) Kelsey a lot because I’ve had her since seventh grade and she’s like another mom for me. There are a whole bunch of teachers I’m going to miss and just the support the school gives you. I just really appreciate that.”