With just one week left until the filing deadline, local businessman David Baskett filed to run for Stephenville City Council.

So forget canceling the May 6 election. The race is on.

Baskett, 37, filed to run against Sherry Zachery for place 7. 

This is Baskett’s first time to run for office.

“If we want Stephenville to grow, we need younger and different voices on the council,” Baskett said. “I was frustrated with the fact that the east side sewer project was tabled at the last council meeting. This is a project that has to happen. From what I understand, the project can be funded at a rate of 1.52 percent. However, when we first started looking at this, the rate was .5. So in the time they twiddled their thumbs about it, the rates tripled. 

“This ultra-conservative council that doesn’t want to spend money is costing us more money by dragging their feet.”

Baskett hopes his candidacy will inspire others in their 30s and 40s who are raising families to run for office.

“If we as parents want our children to be able to grow up in Stephenville and have every option available, our voices need to be heard now,” he said. 

City council incumbents Mark McClinton, place 1, Doug Svien, place 3, and Rhett Harris, place 5, are also up for re-election. So far they have no challengers. 

The deadline to file is 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 17.