A crowd of about 25-30 people were at the Erath County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon for an auction that was scheduled for the sale of properties owned by Erath Iron & Metal.

Those properties include Erath Iron & Metal itself, Lone Star Arena and another property in Dublin owned by the company. According to documents posted on the court bulletin board, the auction was scheduled to happen between 1—4 p.m. However, no such auction occurred because, as was later learned, an injunction had been filed that stopped the sale.

On Tuesday evening, the E-T covered the regular monthly meeting of the Stephenville City Council during which the topic of the possible sale of Lone Star Arena was mentioned.

Councilwoman Carla Trussell said, “There was an injunction filed,” but gave no further details on the matter.

Asked if he had any information about the alleged injunction halting the auction, Stephenville City Attorney Randy Thomas said, “We have no information about the auction or any injunction.”

At the time this article was being written, the E-T was attempting to find out more about the injunction and will report any relevant findings to our readers as soon as that information becomes available.