The Stephenville High School Yellow Jacket Band hosted the UIL region 7 solo and ensemble competition this past weekend advancing 16 performances to the state contest in May.

“Members of the band performed 32 solos and 19 ensembles,” Director of Bands Michael Childs wrote. “Our of those performances 31 received 1st division rating medals and 15 2nd division ratings.”

Soloists (state qualifiers marked with *):

Kaylee Dahl – Class 1 Flute solo *

Abbey Leinhauser – Class 1 Flute solo*

Debhani Mendoza – Class 2 Flute solo

Hannah Bryant – Class 2 Oboe solo, Class 1 marimba solo*

Chelsea Rivera – Class 3 Clarinet solo

Jett Tiner – Class 1 Alto Saxophone solo

Emma Clarke – Class 1 Trumpet solo*

Anna Gray – Class 1 French horn solo

Rett Douglas – Class 1 Trombone solo

Canaan Harris – Class 1 Trombone solo

Nick McLatchy – Class 1 Trombone solo*

Gage Wells – Class 2 Trombone solo

Ismael Garcia – Class 1 Euphonium solo

Adam Noyola – Class 2 Euphonium solo

Wendell Baker – Class 1 Tuba solo

Dillon Shumaker – Class 1 Tuba solo*

Juan Canales – Class 2 Tuba solo

Jimmy Cook – Class 1 Timpani solo*

Rayla Chacon – Class 1 Marimba solo*

Ensembles (State qualifiers marked with *):

Katelyn Barry, Abbey Leinhauser, Maddie McLemore – Class 1 Mixed woodwind trio*

Tabitha Bradford, Katie Campbell,  Stormie Morris – Class 1 Flute trio*

Tabitha Bradford, Katie Campbell, Dani Chavez, Stormie Morris – Class 2 Flute quartet

Adrian Cervantes, Ryan Deleuuw, Aaron Farfalla, Jordan Morrow – Class 1 Mixed Clarinet quartet

Keith Clarke, Caden Goodman, Jett Tiner, Reese Wilson – Class 1 Saxophone quartet*

Canaan Harris, Calvin Jones, Nick McLatchy – Class 1 Trombone trio*

Wendell Baker, Dillon Shumaker, Jacob Worley, Hunter Underhill – Class 1 Tuba quartet

Arthur Alvarez, Dante Flores, Ismael Garcia, Anna Gray, Matthew Sanders – Class 1 Brass quintet*

Milton Alvarez, Emma Clarke, Juan Canales, Marco Rodriquez, Sara Ratliff – Class 1 Brass quintet*

Ciarra Akins, Tatum Brinkley, Colby Dodson, Bunker Funderburgh, Tira Shaffer, Laura Waldron – Class 1 Percussion Ensemble

Ciarra Akins, Katelyn Barry, Luke Barry, Jordan Beyer, Tatum Brinkley, Hannah Bryant, Rayla Chacon, Jimmy Cook, Colby Dodson, Ryan Donham, Landon Dyches, Bunker Funderburgh, Caden Goodman, Jolie Mays, Trystin McMurry, Jamie Nelson, Dillon Shumaker, Tirea Shaffer, Hunter Underhill, Laura Waldron, Callie Wells – Class 1 Medium Percussion Ensemble

George Aguirre, Arthur Alvarez, Emma Clarke, Keith Clarke, Ryan Deleeuw, Brett Diviney, Colby Dodson, Rett Douglas, Caden Goodman, Canaan Harris, Nathan McMinn, Calvin Jones, Nick McLatchy, Ethan Nehring,  Matthew Sanders, Jett Tiner, Laura Waldron, Gage Wells, Reese Wilson – Class 1 Medium Ensemble

“We’re very proud of the band for not only performing during the day, but volunteering time to help run the contest,” Childs wrote.