The Stephenville Fire Department held two ceremonies Friday in the back bay of Fire Station One facing Green Street.

In the first, newly-promoted officers were honored at a badge pinning ceremony during which Fire Chief Jimmy Chew announced the following promotions:

Promoted to:

• Lieutenant, Scott Brinkley

• Captain, Cody Wells

• Battalion Chief, David Mulloy

Wells — who started his career as a firefighter with the SFD — has been with the department for 16 years.

Mulloy — who was a volunteer firefighter for Dublin for two years, came on as a paid SFD firefighter in 2001.

Brinkley was home with the flu and unable to attend.

Chief Chew said, “I’m proud to say these great firefighters were appointed during my time as chief. They’re like the rest of the people in the Stephenville Fire Department, just great people who do a super job for the people of Stephenville.

“It’s an honor to be their Chief and get to work with them every day.”

The other ceremony was to “commission into duty” SFD's new piece of equipment, a 2016 E-One pumper truck. The commissioning of fire department equipment is a long-standing tradition and is called a "push-in."

The celebration of the arrival of a new piece of apparatus has been a source of pride for fire companies for more than 100 years. The origin of this tradition is reported to be from the time of horse-drawn equipment which could not be easily backed into the building by the horses.

Firefighters, dignitaries, and community members were invited to help push #331 Pumper Truck into the firehouse dedicating its entry into service.

A group of approximately 50 firefighter and members of the community attended.