Matt Sanders is a senior trumpet player in the Stephenville High School Yellow Jacket Band and took some time to reflect on the past years before venturing off into the next chapter of his life.

Music runs deep in Sanders who said he will continue to play the trumpet and major in music at Tarleton State University.

“Right now my career goal is probably to teach music or just play in some sort of band,” he said. “I think I would want to teach younger kids because they would probably think I was really good when I played and that always feels good.”

Sanders has enjoyed being a part of the Yellow Jacket family and will miss it once he graduates.

“I’m going to miss it all. I’m just going to miss the whole experience,” he said. “It’s been probably one of my favorite experiences of my life and it’s kind of sad that it’s all over.”

Sanders first picked up the trumpet in sixth grade and has been playing it ever since.

“My stepmom said she really enjoyed band and I kind of wanted to be a part of a bigger group and get to know some people; be involved in some school activity,” he said. “I really enjoy it. Whenever I did auditions trumpet was just what I was the best at.”

There are a lot of moments that Sanders considers memorable, but this year has been the best.

“This year has been one I’ve improved the most,” he said. “I’ve gotten to hang out with a lot more people because I don’t have as many classes and then just the competitions and marching trips have been really memorable.”

Sanders will be competing in the solo and ensemble competition, something he hopes to do well in.

“Obviously I want to go to state in solo and ensemble and I’m pretty confident that in the ensemble we can do that,” he said. “And I want to try and make a one at state. Last year we did go to state, but we made a two and so we didn’t get to advance on after that.”

Music is something that will always have a presence in Sanders’ life.

“I listen to music every day. Some music will just give me goosebumps because it’s just so beautiful and I just want to have that same effect on other people; make them feel that way,” he said.