For more than 25 years the Stephenville Lions Club and Dr. Monty Bank have partnered to put eyeglasses on over 600 children in the Stephenville area. Each year, the Lions Club uses a special camera to screen children for potential vision problems. If a potential problem is detected, and the student can’t afford a doctor’s visit, that child was then referred to TSO and Dr. Banks.

All fees for the glasses were greatly discounted to the Stephenville Lions Club, who paid the charges. This arrangement began in 1991 and continued until Dr. Banks’ recent death. The Stephenville Lions Club is so thankful to have worked with Dr. Banks for so many years. His dedication to the children of our community has helped so many.

The Stephenville Lions Club has recently honored Dr. Banks with a Melvin Jones Fellow award. The Melvin Jones Fellowship is named for Melvin Jones, the founder of Lions Clubs International and is the highest honor awarded within the organization. As a fitting tribute, the name of Monty Banks has been added to the listing of all individuals in the program at the Lions International headquarters.

The Stephenville Lions Club and the community are very thankful that Dr. Monty Banks was such a giving person and that we were able to partner with him for so many years to help the youth in our area. Over 600 students are able to see the world clearer today thanks to his generosity.