After the Honeybees' home opener was rescheduled Tuesday evening due to weather, the team regrouped Wednesday night to travel and take on Granbury on the road in a cold and physical showdown. 

The first half was a definite bright spot for Stephenville early on in their season. 

The Honeybees dominated possession over the half as Granbury's offense relied on countering with a long ball over the top of the Stephenville defense, which was shut down again and again by the Stephenville back line. 

While the Lady Pirates struggled to muster up any offense over the first 40 minutes, the Honeybees managed to find the back of the net twice. 

The first came near the 26:30 mark when Ciara Johnston hit pay dirt off of a pass from Claire Choate following a corner kick. 

Gracie Bales doubled the lead for the Honeybees after slotting home a pass from Hayleigh Beam with 8:40 remaining in the half. 

Granbury's one moment of excitement in the first half came several minutes after Bales' goal when the Lady Pirate players and fans reacted to a shot off of a corner kick which was stopped near the goal line. However, the referees ultimately ruled that Stephenville keeper Madison Wyly kept the ball in play saving the shut out and sending Stephenville to halftime with a 2-0 advantage.

The second was more of the same from the Granbury offense and the Lady Pirates' results didn't change as the Honeybees defense stayed tight sealing the clean sheet and a 2-0 win. 

The Honeybees will be back in action Friday when they begin play in the Knights of Columbus Challenge of Champions.