This week’s canine buddy is Hugo, a two-year-old, orange and white pit male who came in as a stray.

Diane McCoy, executive director of the Erath County Humane Society, says, “Some people think we have a 10-day limit on keeping pits, then we euthanize them but that’s not the case. Hugo here is proof of that; he’s been here since October, and we don’t discriminate against one breed over another."

About Hugo, McCoy says,“People said he’d been in the neighborhood for some time and various folks had put food out for him. He’s a real sweet guy with people, too, and he doesn’t seem aggressive with other dogs, although we haven’t been kenneling him with any other dogs. Since he came in as a stray, we don’t know how he is with kids and livestock, of course, but we know from having him here that he doesn’t dig or try to jump the fence.”

ECHS employee, Ricky Brenneman, says, “The Pet of the Week article is working out well for us. Last week’s dog was adopted the same day the article ran, so you are definitely helping us out by running it. We really appreciate it.”

If you’d like to meet Hugo or any of the other animals at the ECHS, drop by the shelter at 891 East Road after 1 p.m. Monday through Friday or between 10 a.m. and noon on Saturday. 

By the way, the shelter is running at full capacity right now so if you have an animal you want to drop off be sure you check with McCoy by phone at 254-965-3247 before you stop by.