If you attended the Holly Jolly Christmas celebration Thursday, you ran smack into the handiwork of Brittany Burns, the location manager for her unique business, “Card My Yard.”

She opened about a month ago in Stephenville and is the jolly elf that put up the Holly Jolly Christmas card signage on the square.

Burns is a former school teacher, but when she became a first-time mother, she and her husband P.J. decided they wanted her to be a stay-at-home mom so she could be with their daughter Blakely full time.

That, of course, meant finding a different kind of work that was flexible, and hopefully - fun. When they heard about Card My Yard in Austin, “We knew this was it,” Brittany says.

“So I made a video about Stephenville and what I wanted to do, sent it to them and they said yes. They have locations all over the country and I’m just so happy they thought Stephenville was a fit and we can do this.”

Asked to describe her business specifically, Burns says, “Well, it’s pretty simple, we turn your yard into a giant greeting card. And the best part is, this business is about people being happy. If someone wants us to decorate their yard, they’re already happy because they’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation or something.

“We just get to help make them happier,” she adds with a big smile. “And I just love that, seeing the joy on people’s faces and their smiles. It’s very fulfilling and fun work, and perfect for what P.J. and I want to do in terms of raising Blakely. I’m with her virtually all the time.”

Speaking of all the time, that essentially describes Card My Yard’s hours. “We’re pretty much available 24/7; we will go out at night and do a yard, for instance, because a lot of people want their special person to wake up and see their yard decorated. And we have done cards on very short notice, even the same day we get the call.”

Card My Yard has a website where you can see their available fonts and graphics as well as photos of yards they’ve done. You can also order your yard card by visiting www.CardMyYard.com/Stephenville/ and they’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To speak with Brittany directly, call 254-702-5591.