This week’s featured pet is Opie, a seven-month old Shepherd mix who’s been bunking at the Erath County Humane Society [ECHS] since Oct. 17.

“He a sweet-natured little guy. We don’t know much about him since he came in as a stray, but he’s smart and loves to learn," ECHS executive director Diane McCoy said. "He’s doing very well with his kennel training and he’s good with other dogs. He had a little buddy for awhile and they got a long great, but she got adopted.

McCoy said she isn't sure how he is with children or livestock, but that he's an affectionate pup.

“I think he’ll adapt easily and fit right in no matter what the family that adopts him looks like. He’s just a gentle, friendly puppy,” McCoy said.

ECHS employee Ricky Breneman, said, “He’s a really nice little guy, very smart and eager to learn. He’ll make someone a great companion.”

McCoy added, “At his age and being so cooperative, he’ll be easy to house train and teach some tricks. He’s had all his puppy shots by the way, but will still need his rabies vaccination and he’s in perfect health.”

For more information about Opie or other animals at the ECHS shelter call 254-965-3247, or stop by the ECHS located at 891 East Road in Stephenville.