Stephenville Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Hawk Scott and his crews have put up the city’s big Christmas tree and installed the lights for the annual Holiday Light Show that is up and running nightly from 6 p.m.-12 a.m. through Sunday, Jan. 1, in the Downtown Plaza.

“We invite you, your family and friends to come on down, sing, watch and listen to you favorite Christmas songs as well as our tribute to our Armed Forces past and present," Scott said. "We look forward to seeing you out there during this holiday season."

For those from out of town or new here, Downtown Plaza is directly across Washington Street from City Hall, diagonal from the Erath County Courthouse, and there is plenty of free parking in the area. There is no charge to attend the Holiday Light Show and it’s a truly family-friendly event.

For more information, drop by the SPARD office or call 254-918-1295.