Jessica Curry and her husband Kip Jr. worked for months at night and on weekends to design their new bakery, Sweetenville, and in October it became a reality.

Being a full-time baker was a lifelong dream and wanting to cater to the Tarleton student crowd was an important part of that idea. Now she’s living it, loving it and business is brisk.

“When we started talking about a location for Sweetenville, Kip asked where I thought I’d like the bakery to be. I pointed out this exact location on a map and said, “I want to be able to look out the front window and see the Tarleton gates.

“Kip was skeptical that this place would ever open up because it’s such a great location if you want to serve TSU students. But sure enough, about a week later I was driving by here and saw the signs that the place was available, so I pulled in, and now, here we are.”

This past summer, we interviewed Jessica about her journey as a baker and at that time she said it was the fault of her Easy Bake Oven as a little girl, something she says she hears about a lot from folks who read the article.

In that interview she grinned and said, “I definitely blame it on that Easy Bake Oven. I would round up the girls in the neighborhood and say, ‘Come on over. We’re gonna bake a cake!’ and we’d spend the day doing that.”

Jessica and Kip met as students at Tarleton, where she was heading off in an entirely different direction, earning her M.S. in Ag and Consumer Science, but she says baking was always calling her.

“I was thinking maybe a mobile cupcake truck, but Kip encouraged me to think about a permanent location and I’m really happy we decided to go this route. And obviously, we were so fortunate to get this location. I just love it here,” she says.

Sweetenville is spacious and inviting with wooden picnic tables, bright colors, tons of space and light from the floor-to-ceiling windows, and soon, there’ll be a sit-down dining bar near the front entrance.

“We get all kinds of traffic coming over from Tarleton when classes let out. Lots of people go to Big O’s just two doors down for lunch, then stop in here for dessert. It really is a perfect location for Sweetenville.”

The kitchen is right behind the front counter so you can watch Jessica and her assistants as they work their baker’s magic.

Among the most popular items they serve are:

• Cupcakes [Their biggest seller, Jessica says]

• Cakes - including custom-designed wedding cakes

• Cookies

• Decorated cookies

• And [From the website] anything you can dream up!

Jessica says, “We are also offering classes on cookie decorating, creating a gingerbread house, things like that. We’ll be offering a few each week between now and Christmas, and if people want to find out about those, the best place to go is our Facebook page because that’s regularly being updated.”

She adds, “We did a Thanksgiving pre-order offer that’s over now, but we’ll do that again for Christmas and again, our Facebook page is the best place to find out more about pre-ordering for Christmas.”

You’ll find Sweetenville next door to Bostock's directly across from the Tarleton gates on Washington Street.

Hours are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Call 254-434-4640 and you’ll hear Jessica on the other end answering, “Sweetenville. How can we sweeten your day?”