Tabitha Bradford is the senior flute section leader in the Stephenville High School Yellow Jacket Band and did a quick Q&A for this week’s band spotlight.

How long have you been playing and what inspired you to join the band?

I’ve been playing for seven years. I was inspired to join the band by my mom and my aunt because they were both in band playing flute.

What do you love about music?

The art it portrays because I can’t do art.

What do you love about being a part of the Yellow Jacket Band?

The people in it. They are, as I would say, better than some of the people outside of band and it's been easier to make friends.

What are your plans for next year?

Not much, just to join Tarleton or Ranger College and get my school stuff out of the way.

What is one of your most memorable band moments?

It would probably have to be the time we almost made it to state my sophomore year.