On Friday the Morgan Mill ISD hosted its annual Thanksgiving lunch in the MMISD gym. Approximately 50 soldiers from Ft. Hood were part of the crowd of around 800 diners that attended the free meal, that has been going on so long, nobody seems to remember when the tradition began.

MMISD Superintendent Wendy Sanders said around noon, “It looks like we’re serving about as many people as we did last year - about 800. The volunteers, kids, teachers and other staff plus the people who donate the money to put this on make it happen. We’re very excited to be able to do this because it’s a community event, not just the ISD’s.”

She said that Morgan Mill ISD faculty and staff did all the cooking with students helping out with decorations, small gifts for the soldiers and helping with the setup, serving and cleanup.

This was the second year 8th grader Elizabeth Fisher was at the serving table dishing out green beans.

“I really like doing this and I’m very happy that we can put this on for the community,” she said.

We stopped sSpecialists Brett Kennedy and Victor Cartagena by the big turkey outside the entrance to the gym as they were heading toward the playground to interact with the kids.

“I didn’t know we were doing this today. I thought we were coming up to help out with some teaching, but this is great and the food’s delicious,” Kennedy said.

“We’re very grateful for this,” Cartagena said. “I can’t believe they’ve been doing this for free for so long."

The dinner included approximately 45 turkeys, dressing, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, fruit cocktail, cranberry sauce, rolls and dessert.

Maurice and Eileen Brown from Rifle, Colorado who are wintering with family in Morgan Mill were both astounded by the event.

Maurice said, “We can’t believe they do this. It’s just wonderful and we are really enjoying ourselves. I’ve already eaten way too much.” 

Eileen added, “We don’t have anything like this that brings the whole community together at Thanksgiving where we live. We're really grateful to the school district for putting this on. And the fact that the meal is free is unbelievable.”