Two people have been arrested in multiple car burglaries spanning several different counties, according to Stephenville Police Chief Jason King.

“We cooperated with police departments and sheriff’s offices in several locations around our area,” King said. “Our investigators Kevin Fincher and Brad Green who worked on the investigation were very instrumental in solving these crimes.” 

Jeffrey Champion, 30 and Bree Stephens, 27, were arrested on a warrant served in Hico. 

“They were arraigned there, then transported to the Stephenville PD for interviews Thursday night,” Fincher said. “We have confessions to 90 car burglaries.”

After serving a ‘consent to search’ warrant, investigators recovered two pickup loads of stolen items.

“We found stolen driver’s licenses, credit cards, social security cards, electronic devices, and all kinds of other items people had stolen from their vehicles,” Fincher said. 

The two have been charged with burglary of a vehicle, forgery, credit card abuse and theft of a firearm.

Champion is being held on a more than $100,000 bond and Stephens is being held on a combined bond of $31,500. 

SPD evidence/crime technician Jeanine Parmentier said, “We are looking though police reports filed by the victims first and that will probably take all week. Once we think we’ve got their stolen item, we will notify them first.”