When E-T employee Christine Gore opened the doors to the newspaper office Monday, she was greeted with a surprise.

A brightly-painted rock with the Dallas Cowboys emblem was positioned at the front door, just beckoning a smile. 

And that’s exactly what it got.

Gore picked up the rock and brought it inside the office. 

On the bottom it said: “Spread happiness, love & inspiration through the simple gesture of painting rocks & “hiding” them throughout the community for people to find.

“If you find me, take a picture of me, post it on Stephenville Rocks! on Facebook. Tell where you found me. 

“You may either keep the rock or re-hide it, to keep happiness going. Have a wonderful day, hope this made you smile.”

It certainly did.  

If you find a rock, we would like you to post it on the E-T’s Facebook page as well.