Just last May, Erath County voters rejected a Dublin ISD bond proposal for various improvements to the school district.

But after a groundswell of support for the proposal from community organizations, the school board voted in August to place the $10.8 million proposal on the ballot again for today's election.

Dr. Rodney Schneider, Dublin ISD superintendent, said in a statement to the E-T, “We’re feeling very positive about this proposed school bond election. We’ve had tremendous support from several community organizations including the Dublin Rotary, the Dublin the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, the Dublin Lions Club and others, and we’re getting very positive feedback from the community.”

Schneider particularly emphasized the community’s interaction in the run up to the election, saying “Regardless of the outcome, the community has benefited greatly from the effort. I’m particularly proud that we have avoided the vitriol we’ve seen in the national election. The community is stronger and closer for the effort and we’ve seen none of that here regarding this bond proposal. I am most grateful for that.”

The Dublin ISD web page regarding the bond proposal says the following are key elements:

• Safety and Security

• Facilities Functionality

• Community Development

So what are the specific intended uses of the bond funds if the measure passes?


• Cameras

• Intercom system


• Secure vestibule and controlled access at entry

• Central Office renovation for interior and exterior visibility

• Key coded access doors


• Increase capacity to almost 700 students in one building

• Separate parental and visitor access for activities and events (e.g. awards, assemblies)

MEMORIAL FIELD RENOVATIONS AND PARK PROJECT to turn Memorial Field into Memorial Park – Tentatively Include:

• Soccer field

• Playground equipment

• Picnic areas


• Courts on district property

• Moved to high school complex, eliminating travel

• Allow competitive activities


• Storage

• Increase access to larger performance area 8-LANE TRACK [Current Track is 6 Lane]

• Moved to high school complex, eliminating travel


• Locker Room Renovations

• Moved to high school complex, eliminating travel.