Attorney Jeffrey Brown of the law firm Linebarger, Coggan, Blair and Sampson, LLP spoke to the Stephenville City Council Tuesday and delivered the latest activity report on delinquent tax collections in the city.

Brown cited the following seven areas:

• Mailings: 858 warning notices written in increasing severity of tone to delinquent taxpayers

• Lawsuits: During this period 14 lawsuits were filed against 16 parcels of properties seeking the collection of $10,614.27 in delinquent taxes, penalties and interest

• Dismissals: Upon the law firm filing a suit, the property owner frequently pays and the suit is dismissed. During this reporting period a total of eight lawsuits concerning 10 accounts, which involved in excess of $11,705.65 in taxes, penalties, and interest were dismissed as paid

• Judgements: Courtroom judgements have been taken in five lawsuits concerning eight accounts involving more than $43,037.51. Judgements were also released in seven cases concerning 11 accounts involving more than $8,197.25 in which taxes, penalties, interest and court costs have been paid

• Tax Sales: 12 tax sales involving 12 tracts of real property involving more than $12,365.14 in taxes, penalties, interest and attorney’s fees

• Tax Warrants: [Seizures of property] The Erath County Sheriff’s Office and the Erath County Tax Office assisted in the execution of one tax warrant seeking the collection of $949.73 in taxes, penalties and interest

• Total Collections: Using notice letters, specialized demand letters, litigation and tax warrants, just over $75,966.30 in delinquent taxes, penalties, and interest was collected during this time period.