The city of Stephenville and Tarleton State University Police Department submitted an interlocal cooperation agreement regarding enforcement of city parking ordinances to the Stephenville City Council Tuesday night that was unanimously approved.

So what’s an interlocal cooperation agreement?

According to the document submitted to the council, it “relates to cooperation and coordination of police services, namely, parking enforcement in specific areas in and about the city. The purpose of this agreement is to promote effective and efficient enforcement of the parking ordinances of the city.”

This is not the first example of this sort of cooperation between the two PDs – in October 2015, the Stephenville Police Department began dispatching Tarleton State University police officers on all traditional police calls. That includes all life-threatening emergencies, non-life threatening emergencies and calls to report crime.

“The dispatching is covered under a similar interlocal cooperation agreement, but this is separate from that," said Stephenville Police Chief Jason King. "With this agreement, we are granting them the authority to enforce city parking ordinances.”

The new agreement took effect immediately Tu