Stephenville ISD principals and administrators gave presentations outlining the campus and district improvement plans at Monday’s SISD board of trustees meeting. Here are some new and continuing improvements that were discussed.

Central Elementary, Principal Kelly Magin:

Strengthening the bilingual program.

Providing alternative seating options in classrooms.

Implementing makerspace lab and incorporating STEAM lessons.

Special Education teachers being included in all planning and staff development.

Incorporating 21st century learning.

Using iStation math as a universal screener to track student data.

Chamberlin Elementary, Principal Jennifer Salyards:

Staff has all been trained in Capturing Kids’ Hearts framework.

Using iStation math as a universal screener to track student data.

Implementation of iChampion STEAM lab.

Implementation of GT Pull Out Program.

My College Mondays for college and university awareness.

Focusing classroom guidance lessons on the CORE values and grit.

Providing classroom incentives for attendance.

Hook Elementary, Principal Stephanie Atchley:

Utilize technology to enhance the curriculum.

Utilize the Digital Learning Integration Specialist to develop “evolving technology.”

Conduct site visit to other districts at the top of the campus’ comparison group.

Provide Writing with Numbers training for third and fourth grade writing teachers.

Provide Gomez and Gomez training and supplies to improve bilingual classrooms instruction.

Continue the partnership between the Bosque River Trail Coalition, Tarleton State University and the City of Stephenville to provide the Bosque River Adventure experience.

Participation in a school-wide “Hour of Coding” to promote computer science awareness.

Gilbert Intermediate, Principal Mary Laigle (not full list):

Mainstreaming special education students in every class with inclusion support.

Research for the implementation of the Leader in Me program.

Community partnerships for mentoring with Tarleton’s education department and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Technology application training for teachers by the Instructional Technology Teacher.

Provide multiple dates for the same parent night information to reach more parents.

The addition of one semester reading class for students enrolled in Read 180.

Teacher tutoring program during and outside school hours.

Level Up charts for students and teachers used to track student progress.

Continue counseling circles and use community resources to provide social skills curriculum for identified students.

Henderson Junior High, Principal Donna Ward:

Implement Swarm class, which includes weekly character building, academic reinforcements, one-to-one advising/mentoring, DEAR day, club meetings and a teacher’s choice elective.

Special education students will be served in an inclusion environment with their peers.

Add an ESL/LEP monitoring period.

Allowing current and monitored ELL students to write rough drafts in their native language first, then translate electronically.

Science teachers to rearrange bundles in order to assist with spiraling and retention between grade levels.

Math teacher will implement guided math at least two days a week.

Stephenville High School, Principal Stephanie Traweek (not full list):

Implement drug testing program for students involved in extracurricular activities.

Issue student parking passes.

College Mondays to promote college awareness.

Provide technology staff development in preparation for 1:1 environment, fall 2017.

Partner with Ranger College to offer certification programs.

Coordinate Fun Monday to provide students with opportunities.

Coordinate Shattered Dreams Program designed to promote responsible decision making regarding underage drinking and impaired driving.

Stephenville ISD (not full list):

Implementation of Blended Learning opportunities for all students, principals and staff.

Research and developing the District of Innovation Plan.

State and federal system safeguards leading the planning and implementation modules for increased student and staff growth to close achievement goals.

Enhance learning for all students through the use of technology by continuing a 1:1 initiative.

Core values will be taught, instilled and recognized in all staff and students.

Partner with Common Sense Media to provide digital citizenship education.

Fulfill obligations as a member of the League of Innovative Schools.

Partner with Tarleton State University to provide a professional development conference focusing on innovative technology and teaching methods.