FORT WORTH – Fort Worth singer-songwriter Luke Wade will debut his third solo album titled, “Only Ghosts,” to a local audience with a free concert on Oct. 7 in Sundance Square Plaza, preceding the official album release in January 2017.

“Only Ghosts” has been two years in the making and will include 10 tracks, all written by Wade or in collaboration with select songwriters.  

“I’m so excited for the opportunity to preview the new album in my hometown at my favorite venue in the city,” said Wade. “My Fort Worth fans have encouraged me every step of my career and I can’t wait to thank them and share the latest.”

A single from “Only Ghosts” titled “Three Days” will be digitally released in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland on Oct. 21.

The free concert will be the first opportunity for fans to hear songs from the new album live. Concert goers will also have the opportunity to purchase the full album before the January release date.

Los Angeles musician Josiah Leming will open for Wade. Leming who is most well-known for his single “Cold Blood,” also co-wrote the single “Three Days” with Wade.

“Josiah and I had a lot of fun writing ‘Three Days,’” said Wade. “We’ve had some similar journeys in life and in our careers, which made the collaboration seamless. He’s heard me talk a lot about Fort Worth and the supportive community for musicians so I can’t wait for him to have the opportunity to perform here.”