The family of Luke Nelson finally heard the words they have been praying for.

“Luke's oncologist called and said he has no evidence of disease,” Luke’s mother Mia said Wednesday. “All of the scans showed there is no evidence of cancer anywhere in his body and that his internal organs are all healthy. He will still have to do the stem cell transplant and the rest of his treatment, but to go into the rest of treatment being NED (no evidence of disease) is a huge deal and was something they didn't expect him to be until after treatment.” 

Luke recently returned from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York where a cancerous tumor was removed from the three-year-old who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in April.

Since then Luke has faced a battery of tests and five rounds of intense chemotherapy. 

The community has surrounded the family with support. There have been several fundraisers to help Clint, Luke’s father, and Mia with living expenses as they seek treatment for their son, and Luke was recently honored by the Stephenville Yellow Jackets as the Heart of Gold recipient. 

On Oct. 11 Luke and Mia will head to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth where Luke will have the first of two rounds of stem cell transplants along with more chemotherapy. 

“It will be tough. He will have mouth sores and it will make him very sick,” Mia said.

Luke will remain in isolation for six to eight weeks following the transplant, then have a two-week break before the second stem cell transplant.  

“We are going to miss Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and his birthday, but it will be worth it when it’s over,” Mia said. 

The family also received another bit of good news on Wednesday. 

After struggling with infertility for years the couple found out two days before Luke’s surgery that Mia was pregnant with another child.

“I am due in April and it was a bit of a surprise,” she said with a laugh.

Along with Luke, the couple has two daughters - Lilly, 6, and Lyla, 1.  

“About an hour before we got the news about Luke on Wednesday we found out that we are having another boy,” Mia said “Luke is so excited that he is going to have a little brother. He is over the moon excited! There is a lot of happy tears and joyful praising of God coming from the Nelson house today.”