The Stephenville City Council met Tuesday to discuss how best to move forward following City Administrator Pat Bridges’ announcement that he will retire on Oct. 7.

And while the council discussed the interim position, they focused more on finding a permanent replacement, Mayor Kenny Weldon said.  

“Right now we are more concerned about doing a comprehensive search and getting a qualified individual in place,” Weldon said Wednesday. “We have great directors in place so that takes some of the pressure off the council.”

Weldon said the council has not set a time frame to find a permanent replacement, but time is running out to name an interim.

The council will discuss the matter in executive session during next Tuesday’s regular city council meeting, which will take place just three days before Bridges’ departure. 

Weldon said Monday that he expects to have an interim in place by Oct. 7 to ensure a “smooth transition.” 

Councilman Brady Pendleton said he also expects the council to make a decision next week on who will serve on an interim basis. 

“The council is still discussing whether to appoint someone internally or find someone else,” Pendleton said. 

One name that keeps surfacing as the likely interim is Jeremy Allen, director of community services.

Allen said earlier this week that he would be willing to serve if the council decides to appoint him.

Weldon said the council is still deciding on whether they will use a search firm to find a permanent city administrator.