Members of the Houston Chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America − called the Space City T’s − arrived in Stephenville in their antique cars Wednesday morning, kicking off a four-day series of events across the area.

Tom Campbell of Castroville said, “We left at 4:30 a.m. and drove 274 miles to Stephenville. We’ll be touring the neighboring towns including Comanche, Dublin, Hico, Huckabay, Glen Rose, De Leon, and Granbury over the next few days.”

Campbell singled out brothers Julian and Marion Neunhoffer – shown hand cranking his Model T to start the engine – as experts when it comes to these great old cars.

“They know every nut and bolt on the Model T,” he said. “And if anybody runs into trouble when we’re on the road, they’re the guys who know how to fix the problem.”

George Wilson, owner of the 1921 “Centerdoor” Model T show on the left of the accompanying photo, has restored his very rare car to showroom perfection.

“This was the first ‘luxury’ car Henry Ford put out,” Wilson said. “It’s fully enclosed, has cloth upholstery and even a little vase on the back seat window for flowers.”

Wilson went so far as to track down a piece of original upholstery fabric and have it duplicated to outfit his Model T to perfection.

“I’ve done a lot of research and as far as I can tell, there are only 21 of these in all of Texas,” he said. 

Club members are staying at the Holiday Inn and Campbell says, “We’re doing various things in the evenings while we’re here, but if people want to come by the Holiday Inn after 4 p.m. we’ll usually be there for awhile before we head back out. If they want to see the cars, that’s a good time to come take a look.”