Gilbert Intermediate fifth graders have been practicing and showing off their skills for physical education teacher Emma Jimenez’s Olympic games.

“A lot of my students watched the Olympics, so coming off that it’s a fun thing to start school with,” Jimenez said.

Each class period is divided into groups that come up with a team name like ‘Team USA’ or ‘The Champions.’ Just like the real Olympics, Jimenez sets up team and individual events for students to compete in.

“I like running and I like watching the Olympics, so it’s kind of cool to be in it at school,” fifth grader Hudson Frey said.

Individual events included the limbo, crab walking, hula hooping and cartwheels. Team events included leap frog and tug of war.

“This is awesome,” fifth grader Lorenzo Robles said after a competitive relay race.

“I love this because I like watching people run in circles,” Aidan D’Angelo added about the relay race.

Winning teams and individuals will be awarded with a certificate Friday at a special ceremony, but Jimenez said students are learning more than just winning.

“I think they learn teamwork, cooperation, how to help others, participation, getting along with others and then how to win and also lose,” Jimenez said. “I don’t know if they’ve really competed before this so we try to get them ready for junior high. Get them more prepared because that’s when they’re really going to start competing.”